For Past Year Dad Kept Huge Secret Which He Revealed at Daughter’s Wedding

Weddings are by far among the most important and memorable events shared between two families.

If you’ve ever been to or in one, then you know just how beautiful and amazing this experience can be.

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But, one father made his daughter’s wedding extra special after he did something that left the room in tears.[1]

Nicole Corte was very excited and relieved when her big day went off without a hitch.

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She shared her vows with her beloved, and the guests managed to change venues without a single person getting lost. Plus, everyone was having a great time and really enjoying the free drinks.

And that’s when her father came to the microphone. Nicole knew her dad was going to play a big role in her wedding, but what he did next blew her away.

Her father took to the stage as the music began playing a Hartland song called “I Loved Her  First.”

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As if this wasn’t moving enough, her dad knew Nicole had a passion for sign language as she worked as an ASL instructor.

So, he worked hard at learning sign language just for this occasion for the past year.

As he performed, Nicole’s dad also signed the lyrics of the song.

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The heartfelt display was captured on camera and shared online, where it soon went crazy viral.

In the video’s YouTube description, Nicole wrote:

“My dad surprised me at my wedding reception with a lovely song. I’m a sign language interpreter, so this meant a whole lot to me. It took him a year to learn it”.

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With so much love in the room that day, it’s little wonder their video has since been viewed over 26 million times!

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You can watch the tear-jerking video below.

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