Puppies Are Abandoned By Mom So The Shelter Brings In A Cat To Help

We sometimes hear about the kindness of strangers and how they will bring someone into their home, giving them the love that they need, even though they don’t know them. This isn’t only something that happens with humans, it sometimes happens with animals as well.

Hearing stories about animals that care for one another is something that really warms our hearts. After all, we know how much we appreciate it when animals are part of our lives, so seeing them interact in this way is special, to say the least.

One person who understands just how kind animals can be is Debra Cantwell. She works at the SPCA in Titusville, Florida as the adoption coordinator. Since she works with animals regularly, she had an opportunity to do something unusual when they brought in a pregnant Chihuahua.

After the Chihuahua mother gave birth, two of the young puppies died. There were two surviving pups, but the mother decided to reject them altogether. That is when Deborah came up with a brilliant plan.

This is where Nessy enters the story. She is a Siamese cat that was nursing a litter of newborns upstairs at the SPCA. They wondered if she would do well with the Chihuahua puppies that were being neglected by their dog mother.

It’s not always possible to have this type of interspecies relationship but sometimes, they do work out. Fortunately, Nessy was more than happy to care for the puppies and it’s a beautiful thing to see.

You can watch it happen for yourself in this video: