Cows Fall In Love With Giant Bristle Brush Planted In Their Pasture

Life can be difficult when you are a cow. Most of us don’t give cows much thought, other than the possibility that we may notice them as we pass them by on the road.

For a farmer, however, cows mean a lot and they may even go out of their way to ensure that any bovines living on their property are happy and healthy. That is what a second-generation farmer in Lancashire, England is doing.

Tom Pemberton not only has a lot of cattle in the field, he also has plenty of people who follow him online. This is due to the fact that he places plenty of videos on farm life on the Internet, and people can’t help but take notice.

As far as his home is concerned, it’s a beautiful property that has many animals, including 120 milking cows. The 27-year-old farmer never tried to be famous, but his following has caused him to go viral.

“I got into social media by mistake,” he explained. “I was trying to promote a raw milk vending machine in a video, which my girlfriend helped me with at the time. We posted the video on Facebook and YouTube – Facebook went really well with around 11,000 views and YouTube only got 200-300 views. That’s how it started, completely by mistake!”

It is not unusual for his videos to go viral with millions of views. He tries to bring them everything about farm life, including the good and the bad.

One video that got a lot of attention was posted when he decided to give his cattle a gift. His cows were enjoying a new brush in the barn, as it gave them something to rub against and scratch their faces and necks.

That is when Tom got the idea to take the brush outside and put one in the pasture. In fact, two different companies offered him a free brush and he took them up on the offer.

In the end, you have a video that is going viral for all the right reasons. It really shows just how much he cares for his animals and how much they appreciate having this brush to enjoy every day.