3 Men Stand On Stage But When They Peel Off The Tape, The Judges Are On Their Feet

There are many different types of talent out there, and we likely have a favourite that we enjoy seeing and could watch over and over again. For example, some of us may enjoy certain types of music or perhaps we might enjoy watching somebody dance. One type of talent that is often a crowd favourite is magic, and it can be quite fascinating when it is done properly.

The television talent shows have allowed people to display those strange talents in ways that they never would have had the opportunity to do so before. Sometimes, however, they really take things to the next level. That was the case with these three magicians who appeared on the Australian version of the America’s got talent show. As the three men came onto the stage, the judges look rather baffled because they had red tape over their mouth.

They began by doing some bits and pieces that got everybody laughing and made everybody comfortable. When they have the reveal at about two minutes and 20 seconds, however, everybody in the audience gasped. You’re not going to believe what they do.