Little Darling Falls In Love With An Old Water Heater. She Thinks It Is A Robot

If there is one thing that I know about little children, it’s the fact that you never know what to expect out of them. Perhaps that is why we love them so much. It seems as if they are constantly doing something funny, and the world is so new to them. We often live our lives through them, and it is amazing.

The little girl in this video sure did take her mum by surprise. Her name is Rayna, and she is about to meet a robot and fall in love. Of course, the robot is actually an old water heater that someone put to the side of the curb but seeing the look on her face as she hugs her new friend is just to adorable to bear. I honestly think I’m on cuteness overload.

There are some videos that are just destined to become viral and this is one of them. It has all of the markers, but even if we were the only ones who saw it, we would love it just as much.

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