Carpool Karaoke Heats Up With This Victoria Beckham Trailer

Watching the late-night chat shows can be a lot of fun and we often get the opportunity to see celebrities as we wouldn’t see them otherwise. They just seem to relax during the interview and open up to the questions that are being tossed in their direction. From time to time, however, you may also see a skit that is quite brilliant as well.

When Victoria Beckham visited James Corden on his late-night chat show, they decided to put together a skit that has a rather unusual twist. Many of us remember, either first-hand or because we’ve seen it on TV later, the 1987 film, Mannequin. They did a rather interesting trailer using that film and the final result was quite hilarious.

At first, it’s difficult to tell what is going on in this video but before you know it, they are breaking into something that is all too familiar. Suddenly, they jump into a car and when the music starts, you realise that it is a Spice Girls carpool karaoke! How awesome is that?

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