Parrots Pick Teams And Play A Game Of Full Court Basketball

If you have ever had a bird as a pet, you realize that they are very unique animals. It also doesn’t take very long before you understand just how intelligent they can be.

Sometimes, the birds may be so intelligent they can actually play you for a fool until you begin to figure things out. Some birds have even been known to troubleshoot various problems and figure out systems that can get them out of trouble.

Then again, there are some birds that just want to have fun and it seems as if these fit into that category. It is a group of parrots that are playing a game of basketball and it is unlike anything you have probably ever seen before.

Not only are the birds playing together to get the ball into the basket, they are collecting their own rebounds and even playing on teams. At first, it just looks as if they are trying to put the ball in the hoop but as you watch, you learn that there is a team of green parrots and a team of yellow parrots.

As you watch the parrots playing, you begin to realize that they have unique skills that they may not have been given credit for in the past. It seems as if they want nothing more than just to play the game and to enjoy some time on the court. I think that many of us can understand how they feel.

I’m not exactly sure how they taught these birds to play the game, but it’s a lot of fun to watch. In fact, it is something that you are likely to watch many times in this unique video.

Source: YouTube