Michelle John Seriously Impresses With It’s A Man’s Man’s World On The Voice UK

When it comes to famous singers, we often tend to focus on the big names. Those are the individuals we hear singing on the radio and we buy their songs. We may even spend a lot of money to see them in concert! In many cases, however, there is something that is going on behind the scenes that should also grab our attention.


When we see someone singing in concert, they are rarely singing along. In most cases, they will have backup singers on the stage with them, and they choose the most talented individuals to be there. That became quite apparent on The Voice UK, when a woman by the name of Michelle John took to the stage. She was a backup singer for Eric Clapton and what she did when singing “It’s a Man’s Man’s World” absolutely floored the judges.

When you hear this video, you will have a newfound respect for these singers. When they have the opportunity to show their talents, you can see they are amazing. It will be interesting to see where this woman takes it from here.