Father Shows His Daughter How To Play Hotel California And She Picks Up The Guitar And Does It

Any father wants to make sure that his daughter follows her dreams and is the best person that she could possibly be. They will often do what is necessary to assist them along the way and may you give them some kind guidance. In many cases, it is to teach them what they know and that is the case with his father, who is attempting to teach his daughter how to play some songs on the guitar.


When the father starts recording his daughter on the guitar, it doesn’t take long before you begin to recognize the song that she is playing. It’s from The Eagles, and his reaction is absolutely priceless. They start laughing and are obviously having a lot of fun while the music is playing.

It is his reaction, however, that really shows the type of father that he is. As she continues to play the guitar, he really gets into it and his smile of approval absolutely says everything. There is no doubt that she is going to continue to be his little girl and he will be by her side through it all.