4 Grandmas Audition For A Talent Show But When They Start Dancing, Everyone Loves It

If you’re somebody who watches Britain’s got talent on a regular basis, you probably realise that most of the people who audition are going to be young and on their way up. That is why everyone was surprised when four senior citizens came out onto the stage but what they did not only took the judges by surprise, it is going to surprise you as well.


The group is known as the Cocooners, and they are totally full of energy and perhaps some of the best tap dancers that we have seen. The age of the women are 63, 70, 80 and 75. Don’t let the age fool you, however, because they certainly have a lot of fire left to them and they are able to perform brilliantly when they are on the stage.

Who would have thought that four women in gold bodysuits would ever come out and do something like this as an audition? It was delightful to watch and by the sounds of the applause, you can’t help but know that they are on their way up as well.