Dolly Teams Up With Miley Cyrus And Pentatonix For An Unforgettable Version Of Jolene

There are some songs that may become popular for a short amount of time but it is not long before they die out and are never heard from again. There are other songs, however, that are not only popular for a short while, they are popular for many years. That is the case with Jolene, perhaps one of the greatest country music songs of all time and one that certainly defines Dolly Parton as a singer.


In this video, you not only have Dolly Parton singing Jolene, she is joined on stage by some of the best singers of current years. This includes Miley Cyrus and Pentatonix, an a cappella group. When the song begins, the goosebumps start right along with it and you are going to absolutely love the song from the beginning to the end.

Between Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus, they really give a lot of emphasis to the song but Pentatonix adds in the background music and harmonies that absolutely take it to the next level. There may have been many versions and covers of the song Jolene, but this one is sure to be a favourite.