6 Men Sing In An Empty Church But When Others Hear It? Goosebumps

There are some songs that seems to become popular and within a matter of weeks or months they just seem to disappear off of the scene. At best, they may last for a decade or two but eventually they become an “oldie” and they are not as popular as they were at one time. That isn’t the case with every song, and some last for centuries.


One of the most popular songs of all time was first written in 1779 and you have likely heard it more times than you can remember. It is Amazing Grace, and it was written about a personal experience of the author. In the centuries since it was written, it has been performed many times by some very popular singers. Every once in a while, however, someone comes along that sings the song and adds new life to it.

In this clip, you get to hear Amazing Grace in a way that you may never have heard before. His name is Peter Hollers and he sings along with Home Free to put on a performance that is guaranteed to give you the chills.