VIDEO: One Busy Mother Dresses Quads

Ask any mother and they will tell you, sometimes it can be a real struggle to get the children ready in the morning. Not only do you have to worry about feeding them and changing nappys, you also need to get them dressed as well. That is difficult enough when you are only dealing with one or two children but when you have to care for 4 kids, it can be a real struggle.


That is what this mother has to do each and every day. She is the mother of quadruplets, and what she does can only be described as a labour of love. After linking up the babies on the floor in front of her, she works her way up and down the line, getting them ready for the day ahead of them and trying to keep them within reach at the same time.

Most parents could not imagine having four babies in the house at the same time but it is a reality for many people out there. When there is plenty of love and cooperation in the home, they can enjoy everything that children have to offer, and then some.