A Prank Ring That Guarantees You Will Be Single For The Rest Of Your Life

Many of us appreciate a good prank and if we do, there may be no limit as to how far we are willing to go. In fact, the stranger the prank and the more out there the effort, the better the results. More than likely, you know somebody like this in your life or perhaps you’re even the person that appreciates pulling a good prank. That is why you are sure to love what is in this video.


When you look at the outside of the box, it looks like a regular ring box. When you hand it to your significant other, they will assume they are getting the gift of a lifetime. Of course, they will be correct but it isn’t anywhere near the gift they are imagining. When they open the box, they will get quite a surprise.

On the inside of the box is a tiny butt that is pointed directly at the recipient. This is sure to put a smile of surprise on their face and if that isn’t enough, there is even an audible fart noise that is played when the box is opened. It’s a cruel prank that is sure to keep you single for the rest of your life.

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