Jennifer Saunders Talks About Her Role As Fairy Godmother In Shrek

We are used to seeing Jennifer Saunders perform in a number of roles. Sometimes, she is playing a part on her own but we also have seen her working along with Dawn French, and the two of them do make quite a team. There is no doubt, however, that she is a talented woman and this video just helps to prove that fact.


Although Jennifer Saunders may have been a part of many different sitcoms, one of her most understated roles was as an animated character in the film, Shrek II. She played the part of the fairy godmother and not only did she speak the part well, she even had a singing part. In this video, you get to see her playing that part and you even get a look behind the scenes at what takes place in the background.

We will always love this talented woman for what she is able to do. She has the gift of being able to make us laugh and we couldn’t imagine something more wonderful. One thing is certain, I will never look at this film the same way again.