An 8 Foot Teddy Bear Is Sent To This Chat Show’s Daughter. Now It Is Time For Revenge

If there’s one thing that we realise about family, it’s the fact that there can be some sibling rivalry that takes place from time to time. It often occurs when we are younger but at times, it may even carry over into our older years as well. Some of it may be somewhat malicious but at times, it can also be quite funny as well.


When Jimmy Kimmel, a popular late-night chat show host received a giant teddy bear, he wasn’t overly surprised. The 8 foot stuffed animal was from his brother, and he had even hinted that he was going to be sending it. The problem is, once it arrived, Kimmel’s daughter fell in love with the bear and she is now quite attached to him.

Not one to be outsmarted, Kimmel decided that he would send a gift of his own. Rather than sending a giant teddy bear, he sent multiple giant teddy bears that are now crowding his brother’s home quite nicely.