Christopher Walken Dances In More Than 50 Films, All Put In A Single Video

There is a rather interesting phenomenon that is taking place online, and many of us absolutely love it. It is the mashup video, a combination of many different scenes that are all put to music and make it look as if they are dancing to a single song. At times, it may contain many actors and actresses but in this video, it is all about Christopher Walken.

Christopher Walken has played in over 100 different films and television shows, including The Dead Zone, a View to a Kill, the Dogs of War and the Deer Hunter. Although he doesn’t always play the leading role, he is perhaps one of the more familiar faces out of Hollywood. What many people don’t know about him is the fact that he was trained in the theater, focused on dancing. Before he became the superstar we know him as today, he would regularly be seen dancing.

It turns out that all of those years dancing on the silver screen has come back to give him even more recognition. In this amazing mashup of over 50 dancing scenes, you will gain a newfound respect for this amazing actor.