Young Lad Is NEVER Getting Married And He Backs It Up With The Best Argument

When it comes to opinions, it’s quite obvious that children are going to have some strong feelings. Parents recognise this about their children from a very young age and it doesn’t matter what subject you are discussing, they pretty much have it all figured out. Of course, some opinions are stronger than others and it seems as if this young lad has something on his mind.


When young children are asked about marriage, they are likely to give a rather interesting response. Some may be for it, others against it but it is not likely to be a topic for discussion for any length of time. That isn’t the case with this young lad, who has a definite opinion on the subject and isn’t afraid to argue his case. When he does so, it is absolutely adorable.

The funny thing is, some adults are going to agree with this child and all that he has to say about marriage. One thing is certain, he will likely change his mind as he gets older but he will always have this video played for him at every family event.