Little Girl Sits On The Couch With Her Dad. When She Starts Singing, The Internet Falls In Love

There are many different relationships that take place in the family arrangement and most of them can be quite special. In fact, we often have our first friends in the family and they may remain our friends for the rest of our lives. We share some very special moments together, and that will become evident when you see this video.


The father in this video is quite a talented individual, as he plays the guitar and sings. His little daughter, Claire Ryann, is also somebody who loves to sing so she sat beside her father on the couch and they do a duet. The song of choice is You’ve Got a Friend in Me, which is a well-known ditty from the Toy Story.

We have seen our fair share of people singing together and that includes fathers and daughters. Most people who watch this will not be prepared for the absolute cuteness that is evident in the video. This little girl has a lot of talent but be careful, she can steal your heart as well.