Little Girl Gets Caught With Lipstick And Blames The Elf

When it comes to children, there is something that you can expect, and that’s the fact that they are going to get into mischief. At times, it can be adorable when they are caught but at other times, it may be a rather trying situation. It really all depends on our perspective, which is what makes this video so fantastic.

The little girl in this video got into some lipstick, and something tells me that she wasn’t supposed to do it. Of course, she knew the rules as well but it was probably in front of her and it was just too tempting to ignore. The problem is, she left far too much evidence on her face and her shirt and ended up getting caught by her dad. Rather than fessing up to what she had done, she decided to do what any child would do, blame it on someone else.

Obviously, this little girl was an only child because she didn’t bother blaming a sibling. She did, however, blame it on the “Elf on the shelf” and hoped for the best. It really seemed like a brilliant plan from her standpoint, because that elf can be quite mischievous.