Baby Takes His First Steps But Can’t Stop Laughing At His Squeaky Shoes

Ask any parent and they will tell you that raising a child is one of the best times of their life. There are so many things that happen, sometimes on a daily basis, that it can be hard to keep up with it all. Perhaps the favourite part for many parents is the fact that their youngsters are experiencing life for the first time. Everything is fresh and new to them.


One of the milestones that parents experience is when their baby takes their first steps. It seems as if this baby is still getting steady on his feet but he has a distraction that is just the funniest thing to him. His shoes are special ‘squeaky’ shoes, so he keeps stomping his foot and laughing when his shoes make a noise. It is the cutest thing to see.

One thing that I appreciated about this video, and I’m sure you will as well, is the laughter of the baby. There is just something so contagious about it. One thing is certain, you will feel better after watching this video than you did before watching it.