A Baby Takes Off With A Phone Shooting Video And It’s The Best Thing EVER

There is a problem that many parents face and it is something that seems to be universal in today’s electronically connected world. We have to have a mobile phone, and we probably use it regularly but we don’t always want the children to be playing with it. Children, on the other hand, have something else in mind and it seems as if they are automatically attracted to our smartphones.


The little baby on this video obviously knows that they are not supposed to be playing with the mobile phone, so they grab it and run as quick as they can. Fortunately, the video is running on the phone so we get a birds eye view of the baby’s face as they are trying to get away from their mother. It’s a lot of fun to see how the mother is even having fun chasing after the child.

There is something about baby videos that just puts a smile on our face and this one is now at the top of the list. Although I will always have a soft spot for baby laughing videos, this one is my new favourite.