The John Lewis Christmas Advert Is Out And Aldi Is Not Taking It Lying Down

If there is one Christmas event that many people look for every year, it’s the new television advert from John Lewis. It seems as if they continue to put more and more into this unique ad every year and it is sure to make you feel good when you walk away from it. This year is no exception, and it is a feel-good commercial that all of us can appreciate.


As it turns out, it is not only us “regular people” who appreciate the John Lewis commercial, even Kevin the Carrot seems to be having a wonderful time watching it as well. This is actually a response by Aldi to all of the hype that typically surrounds the Christmas advert from John Lewis every year. It appears as if the supermarket giant is poking a little fun at the department store giant and we get to laugh in the process.

Not only do we get to see the carrot hyperventilating into a paper bag, we get to hear a rather wonderful Christmas poem as well. It seems as if the competition between these two companies is tightened this year, and we couldn’t be happier.