A Clydesdale Pony Thinks He Is Old Enough To Work But He Gets A Surprise

Christmas advertisements are a regular part of our lives throughout the months of November and December. Some of them are simply designed to make us want to purchase something but others can actually help us to get in the Christmas spirit. That is the case with this advert, and it is a part of a legacy that many of us absolutely love.


It’s difficult to believe that the Budweiser Clydesdale Christmas advertisements have been around since 1987. During those years, we have really started to think of Clydesdales automatically when we think of the Christmas season. Why wouldn’t we? They are absolutely lovely and I couldn’t think of another animal that I would rather see when Christmas is nearby. They are majestic, beautiful and there is nothing quite like watching them pulling a sleigh through the snow.

In this Christmas advert, you get the opportunity to see perhaps one of the most adorable creatures ever born. It is a Clydesdale pony, and he thinks he is old enough to work! Watching this commercial will not only make you feel nostalgic, it will also make you love Christmas even more.