The Little Boy Holds Out His Arms And Gives The Chicken A Big Hug

When it comes to owning an animal, there is something that is typical from one household to another. When an animal is a part of our family, we show them unconditional love and they responded in kind. In fact, many of us would agree that we get far more out of the animal that what we ever put into the relationship.


The same is also true in Mason’s house, but it isn’t a dog or cat that he has fallen in love with, it is a chicken. That chicken, named Love Bird, was only a chick when they adopted her. She was hatched as a part of Mason’s nursery school class project. Now that the two of them have the opportunity to spend some time alone, they are inseparable. In fact, they do something that is quite unexpected.

When Mason got a haircut, he was curious as to whether his friend would still recognise him. Thankfully, mum had the video rolling when this precious moment took place. When he asked Love Bird for a hug, the two of them share a moment that is too precious for words.