A Raccoon Stops By Every Day To Knock On The Door And Ask For Food

Most of us who have a pet are familiar with the fact that they love to eat “people food.” Even if we are not accustomed to providing food for our dogs or cats, they may sit by our side, salivate and beg for food while we are eating. I have to admit that I can’t blame them, because I would rather eat people food than dog food as well.


Apparently, this is not only limited to dogs and cats but even raccoons can get in on the action. Every day, Roxie the raccoon comes to visit a woman and ask her for food so she can feed her babies. When the cat bowl on the back porch is empty, the raccoon will pick up a rock and roll it against the patio door, making quite a racket.

It’s unclear as to how the raccoon may have learned to do this, but it is quite effective. It doesn’t take long before the woman inside will open the door and provide some food for the raccoon and her growing family.