A Horse Grieves The Loss Of His Owner At His Funeral

When we lose somebody that we are close to, it is perfectly normal to go through the grieving process. It is something that many of us have experienced in our life but it is not something that we would like to go through ever again. Apparently, it is not only humans who go through the grieving process but even animals go through it as well. Most of us recognise that fact but what we see in this video is no less than amazing.


It took place when a Paraguayan cowboy died on New Year’s Day in a motorcycle accident. This man had a horse that was absolutely the world to him and they had been best friends for a number of years. It was appropriate, therefore, that his horse should be there with him at the funeral. He stood there, right alongside his human friends and family members to say goodbye.

What is perhaps the most amazing part about this is the fact that nobody expected the horse to react in quite this way. It is easy to see that he certainly had emotions over the matter, and is difficult not to cry along with him.