A Sixth-Grade Ventriloquist Does A Wonderful Job But Then She Starts To Yodel

There are many different talents that we might have, and most of us have at least something we do well. For some people, it may be singing and for others, it could be telling jokes but when we do it in front of an audience, we may inspire others. One unique talent is if you are a ventriloquist, and this little girl in the sixth grade is going quite well.


A ventriloquist makes sounds or voices that sound as if they are coming from somewhere else. At one time, they thought it was coming from the person’s stomach, which is why the word comes from the Latin for belly and speak. It use to be done for religious purposes, but now it is a stage act that has the ability to amaze and amuse.

The little girl in this video is doing an amazing job and she certainly does have the skills that are necessary. What is quite amazing, however, is when she starts to yodel and you will be able to tell that this little girl is going places.

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