Harry Connick Jr Sings A Cover Of Hallelujah That Will Give You Chills

If there is one thing that is interesting about music, it’s the fact that it can take on many different forms. Even when we have a particular song that we may have loved for years, hearing it sung by someone else shows you that it is open, at least partially, to interpretation. It happens with many songs, including Hallelujah.

The song, Hallelujah, has given many of us chills in the past and we likely have a favourite singer who has performed it. This is one of those songs that has been covered by people who are famous and people who aren’t, but in any case, it is a fantastic song to hear. When you hear Harry Connick Jr. during his cover on the song, it may just be your absolute favourite.

This version takes the song in a different direction. It still has all of the same feeling and emotion, but it does so with a bluegrass and gospel spin. Listen to this song through the talents of Harry Connick Junior and you may just find that it is your new favourite way to hear it.

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