Do You Know What Your Pillow Sleeping Habits Say About The Inner You?

If there is one thing that we all need, it is a little sleep. Some of us try to get as much rest as we can on a daily basis and others tend to skip sleeping if at all possible. They might even feel that it is a waste of time to sleep! When we sleep, we give our body and mind the break it needs so we can get back up and running the next day. What you might not know is that the way we sleep might say a lot about our personality. Take a look at the following picture and select the one that is closest to how you use the pillow. You can then look at the list to see what it says about you.

1 – If the pillow is naturally placed under your head, you tend to rebel regularly and you fall back on your talents. Some people may think you are full of yourself but you just think about everything deeply.

2 – When you sleep in this position, you live in the past and tend to be the person that everyone from your history would expect you to be. You aren’t very stable but you do tend to love deeply.

3 – Do you hug your pillow with your arms? This means you are missing something in your life and you are always searching for a solution. You struggle with stress and this tends to put you in a safe position.

4 – If you find yourself in this position, you lose being part of a system and you don’t tend to step outside of the lines very often. You might not always like the position you find yourself in but you feel it is better to know where you are than to be surprised.

5 – Does your pillow end up on the floor? You tend to be someone that loves to have control of your destiny. You also tend to play your cards close to your chest and if you feel upset, you bury it down inside so nobody can see it.

6 – Are you sleeping upright most nights? If that is the case, you would rather be working than sleeping in most cases. You look to the future with a bright attitude but if you must put a foot forward, you make sure where you are stepping.

7 – If you sleep face down and have an arm under the pillow, you tend to be loving and helpful. You also try to be a good friend and are a great listener. Then again, you might pay more attention to others and neglect your own needs at times.

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