9 Out Of 10 People Get This Puzzle Wrong. Will You Be The Next One Out?

Puzzles are not always going to be something that we appreciate. I’m not talking about the type of puzzle that you sit down and solve at the dining room table, I’m talking about the type of puzzle we may experience in life that sometimes is not exactly something we would expect to come our way. Then again, these puzzles might just make us stop and think, if only for a moment and exercising our minds in this way have far-reaching benefits that we might not even recognize at first.

That is the case with this unique puzzle. It involves a young woman with a baby and three different men that are standing in front of her. The challenge is, you have to decide which of the men is the father to her child. Most of us would probably just go with our gut feeling and make that determination on our own but that doesn’t mean that our first impression is going to be the best choice. Take a look and make the call. Then check to see how you did.

If you chose the soldier (#1), then you are the type of a person that is not very happy about those who are romantic around you. You don’t tend to be very emotional and most of those who are closest to you would say you don’t have a sentimental bone in your body.

If you selected the student (#2), you might find yourself in trouble more often than you would like. You tend to believe everything that comes your direction and when you find yourself in the hot seat, you tend to push it off on others.

If you selected the feminine one (#3), then you are a gossip and may be a little curious. You exaggerate when you hear anything and pass along a story and you aren’t always one to stick with the facts.

Did you choose number 2? If you did, you are correct. Not only does he have a strange excuse, his hair matches.