Woman Caught Stealing Eggs But The Cop Decides To Try Something Different

We sometimes hear about police officers in the news and the news is not always favorable. In fact, there are many times when the worst light is shed on the news about the police and it seems as if they almost have a personal problem with him. Many of us who know cops personally or have to interact with them on occasion know that they are still there to protect and serve. In fact, we come to trust the police and we are thrilled when we hear a good report. That includes a report out of Alabama that has many people crying over what one kind police officer did.

It started when a woman named Helen Johnson was in a very tough situation. She had children to care for and back in 2014, she was going through a particularly difficult time. She had to feed her kids and didn’t have enough food so she resorted to stealing eggs from Dollar General. Unfortunately, she was caught during the attempt and the police were called. When you learn that she did not receive her $120 monthly check that month and only had $1.25 to her name, you can see why she was so desperate.

She thought she had enough money for eggs but was 50 cents short. That is when she put 6 eggs in her pocket but she got caught. Officer William Stacy arrived on the scene but instead of handcuffing her, Stacy found out that the store wasn’t pressing charges. Then, on top of that, the police officer brought her the eggs she had already purchased.

That kind officer then came to her home and brought groceries. It was a touching moment that really brought her to tears. Watch the story in the following video. It will bring you to tears as well.

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