See This Regular Handicap Spot? But Try And Park In It Without A Permit And Just Watch What Happens

When my wife and I go shopping, it can become very annoying when you go to park in the parent spaces and there are none left because people without young children have chosen to ignore the signs and just parked there anyways. Now whilst fighting with a pram in cramped conditions is difficult, it’s not impossible.

However, I doubt very much the same applies to disabled spaces where someone who is disabled needs the extra space and the close proximity to the venue. In Russia apparently 30 percent of the time that disabled spaces are used, they are used by people who are not entitled to use them. That is why this invention is so clever. Basically there is a camera which checks to see if the car possesses a disabled badge. If it doesn’t a huge Hologram pops up both to inform and embaress the driver in question.

This genius idea, if it gains widespread popularity, is certain to solve the diabled drivers parking problem, once and for all. Please share and let’s give this idea some momentum.