He Lost The State Title But Then He Said THIS To His Opponent’s Dying Father

When we take part in a sporting event, it isn’t out of the ordinary for emotions to run high. That is especially true when we are in high school and it is a big match for the state championship. During those events, it isn’t uncommon to see people lose their cool when they lose a match, but you are about to see something quite different.

This took place when Malik Stewart and Mitchell McKee were competing for the state wrestling championship. They fought a hard fight but in the end, it wa McKee who came out on top and at that point, it was time for Stewart to go home. Most of us could recognize that it would be a very large disappointment for Stewart, but he took a different stand when it was all over.

Rather than storming off, Stewart went over to Mckee’s father. You see, his dad is struggling with cancer and things have not gone well. After the hand shake, he went to give his former opponent’s father some words of encouragement. It was perhaps the highlight of the entire tournament.

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