They Put A Mannequin In Their Window Display And Put The Biggest Smile On Her Face

There are many issues which we all have read and know about when it comes to shop mannequins. They are always the same shape, always portray wome‎n to be extra slim and give women a complex that they are not perfect.

The reality is however that nobody is perfect whatever anyone might say. And this drive for perfection is destined for failure. But what if you are not perfect in terms of a physical disability. Are the shop dummies even closely reflective of that or do you just become an invisible statistic in the fashion world. ‎ Unfortunately, the latter tends to be the norm. Think of all the people you know who are in a wheelchair and yet when have you ever seen a mannequin in a shop window dressed nicely, displaying the shop’s wares.

The reality is you never do, which is actually really disgusting the more I think about it. Just because someone doesn’t fit in with the norm through no fault of their own, they don’t need to be punished further by being ignored. This video shows disabled people modeling for and eventually getting their own dummy that matches their disability. This simple gesture brings such a smile to the faces of the once again demonstrates how a little effort can make a huge difference. Please watch this and share with your friends.