Mum Is Away So Dad And His Little Girl Turn On The Camera And Do THIS

The relationship that a father has with his daughter is often a special one. It seems as if they get along perfectly from the time that she is a little girl and it is something special that will follow her throughout her entire life. Of course, there are some fathers who just seem to have a knack for parenting, and I think that this dad falls into that category.

Mum wasn’t home on this particular day so the dad and the daughter decided to turn on the camera and do something awesome. The two of them started dancing to the hit song, Can’t Stop the Feeling, and they were having a fantastic time doing it. When it went online, however, it went viral.

Videos may go viral for a number of different reasons. In some cases, they are funny and in others, they may be shocking. This particular video, however, is going viral for all the right reasons and it is sure to warm your heart.