James Corden Gives A Thank You To George Michael. He Helped To Create Carpool Karaoke

There are many things to appreciate about late night television. Over the years, it certainly has keeps us entertained and we have appreciated all that it brought to our lives. Not only does it give us a look behind the scenes in the lives of celebrities, it also keeps us laughing because they have the funniest skits.


That is certainly the case with the Late Late Show and the host, James Corden. He just has a way of bring out the best in his visitors to his chat show, regardless of whether he is in the studio with them or driving around in his car. In fact, he has one of the most popular skits on late night television, and it is something you likely appreciate as well. Known as Carpool Karaoke, it has been the height of his chat show for quite some time.

In this clip, we get to have some behind the scenes information on Carpool Karaoke and James Corden is giving credit where credit is due. As it turns out, George Michael, who passed away on December 25, helped to inspire that skit and he is given credit here.