Watch This Crazy Footage Of Giant Waves Crashing Into A Cruise Ship

There are many different ways to take a vacation but for some people, there is nothing quite like going on a cruise. Being picked up at the port and whisked off to some tropical paradise is a dream that many people take advantage of on an annual basis. Those cruise ships carry hundreds, if not thousands of passengers.


This particular Royal Caribbean ship left port and ended up in the middle of a storm. The 4500 guests and 1600 crew members were in for the ride of their lives. There were 30 foot waves that were crashing into the ship and a passenger was catching them on video as he was looking out of the window. It was a frightening moment for everyone on the ship.

Cruising is still going to be one of the greatest ways to take a vacation, although you may want to check the weather before you leave port. It is unfortunate that the cruise has to be booked so far in advance but fortunately, even if this rare type of event occurs, the ships are built to handle it.