Train Blasts Into The Station And Hammers People With A Wall Of Snow

Traveling by train is a great way to get from here to there. It doesn’t matter if we are taking the train on a vacation or if it is part of our daily commute, it’s a convenience that many of us appreciate. Of course, there is also something about watching the train come into the station that is quite amazing as well.


Trains have held the imagination of people for well over a century. In fact, there are many individuals who become quite interested in trains and begin collecting model trains at home. One interesting thing that happens is when the train pulls into a station during a snowstorm. They are such a large machine that they have the ability to clear the track.

When you watch the commuters who are standing at the station in this video, you might have to wonder what they were thinking. They saw the train coming into the station and they knew that there was a lot of snow in the way. Rather than getting out of the way, they decided to stand there and take a video with their smart phones. They paid the price in the end.