Store Owner Catches A Candy Bar Thief Red Handed

When we own a small shop, it is not unlikely for it to experience some loss from theft. It is an unfortunate fact of life and many businesses simply build it into their accounting. That was also the case with a small convenience store and the business has been going rather strong for years. Something strange began to happen, however, but nobody knew what was really going on behind the scenes.


As the store continued to keep account of all of the items within it through inventory, they began to notice that theft was increasing. He even begin to hear things, as if someone is stealing the candy bars right out from underneath him but he couldn’t see anyone standing there. That is when they decide to set up a hidden camera so that they could learn the truth about what is really taking place. In this case, the truth was quite shocking.

The owner of this small grocery store did this investigation on his own and he found out that the bandit was actually a squirrel, and he had an appetite for chocolate. It started out as a single animal but soon, it was growing considerably. It was good that they shared this online with us, but unfortunate that they had to pay the price.