Young Girl Sings Hallelujah With A Choir And The Judges Are Blown Away

We have certainly seen our fair share of talented individuals in recent years. With the popularity of talent shows on TV, it gives people the opportunity and a platform to show what they are capable of doing. Even though they are so-called “normal people” from various parts of the world, they come together on these shows and they have their five minutes of fame. Thanks to the shows, some of them have even found an ability to continue with their talents.


Carly Rose Sonenclar is one of those individuals, and although we have heard many singers on these talent shows, she is one that is going to impress you. When she stepped up on the stage, she sang Hallelujah and absolutely everybody was shocked at her voice. Even though she is a young girl, she has an amazing amount talent.

Where this girl goes from this point forward is difficult to say but one thing is certain, she has the ability to do anything that she wants to do in life. We wish her the best and we are so thankful that we had the opportunity to see such a young artist in action.