Young Girl Amazes The Judges With A Powerful Performance of a Whitney Houston Classic

We have seen our fair share of talented individuals on the television in recent years. Even if you only watch one or two episodes of Britain’s Got Talent, you are going to see some amazing things. People take the time to come on and sing, dance and show their other talents and, at times, they even surprise the judges.

That was obviously the case when this young girl came onto the stage. She may only be 11 years old but when she starts singing a Whitney Houston classic, you could swear that it was actually Whitney on the stage singing. Her voice is so powerful, it even took the judges by surprise and even brought one of the judges to his feet. It is amazing to see and, quite honestly, if you didn’t see it yourself, you might not believe it.

The world is full of talent and everyone has something they can do that is unusual. Some never have the opportunity to shine but, thanks to these talent shows, we get the chance to see some of them show what they can do.