Young Child Born Blind And Crippled Will Shock You with His Amazing Musical Gift

There are many children who show a remarkable amount of talent and we likely enjoy watching them when we have the opportunity to do so. The television talent shows have provided that opportunity in many cases but, from time to time, we come across somebody with a rather unusual ability. That is the case with Patrick Henry Hughes.


Patrick was born without eyes and he was also confined to a wheelchair for life. This would be considered a setback by many people but Patrick had something that was very important, he had the love of his father. As many of you can understand, that is one of the most important things that we can have in life and it can take us to places that we never dreamed of being able to go.

Not only did Patrick have a loving father who stuck by his side and helped him to live his dreams, he also had a musical gift. It is that gift that really astounds most people, and when you hear him playing the piano, you will recognize that it is a talent unlike any other.