Underground Performer Is Amazing The Crowd With Her Guitar Playing And Then She Starts Singing

When you are riding on the tube, you never quite know what you are going to see. Many trips may be somewhat ordinary without anything really going on but from time to time, you may spot something that makes you step back and take notice. That was the case with these travelers who saw a performer that really took them by surprise.


It was enough to stand and watch this young woman in a yellow hood playing the guitar like a master. Not only did she have talent, you could really tell that she had a passion for what she was doing. It wasn’t until she opened her mouth and began singing, however, that people really began to take notice. By the end, you can tell that she is doing what she loves to do and it is almost as if she was made to do it.

The performer’s name is Ashley Stephenson and she is performing with all of the proper permits for the area. The song is Landslide by Fleetwood Mac and although we’ve heard the song played many times, this really sets the tone for future renditions.