Steve Harvey Waits For A 10 Year Old Girl To Sing But Her First Note Stuns Him

In recent years, we have seen our fair share of young individuals who have a lot of talent. They tend to show up on the talent shows on television, surprising both the audience and the judges with their unique abilities. Sometimes, they may even be able to take things a step further than those television talent shows.


There is a show on TV called Little Big Shots, and it is rather unique. It allows children to show their talent but they are competing against each other, they are just showing us what they are capable of doing. In the United States, Steve Harvey hosts the show and Dawn French does it in the UK. For this episode, a 10-year-old girl named Angelina Jordan comes on and she absolutely shocks Steve Harvey with what she does.

Angelina Jordan may only be 10 years old, but her voice is that of an adult. She sings Fly Me to the Moon, a Frank Sinatra classic, and she does it with such emotion and with such a beautiful voice, it takes everyone by surprise.