Six Grade Boy Performs A Lady Gaga Cover And Amazes His Schoolmates

It doesn’t matter who we are, we all have some type of talent that we can share with others. For some of us, it may be hidden under the surface but what we really stop to think about it, we are known for something in our lives. Other people, however, tend to have a talent that is easy to identify and they may even be able to ride it to the next level.


The young lad in this video is only in sixth grade, but he is about to perform for his schoolmates at a talent show and they are unlikely to forget the day that they heard him sing. He does a cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, and you can see the disbelief on his schoolmates’ faces almost as soon as he began singing.

This young lad took this video and created an Internet sensation. With over 57 million views on YouTube, he is well known and he still continues to make music down to this day and people have been following him ever since. It’s a talent that may have started out with small beginnings but it has grown into something quite nice.