Man Sings Mall Karaoke And Blends Andrea Bocelli And Celine Dion Perfectly

There are many of us who enjoy singing karaoke but some people have certainly taken things to the next level. That is the case with this man, who performs karaoke at a local mall. When he got up in front of the crowd, he absolutely floored them with a unique rendition, and one that is going to have you scratching your head and wondering if you are actually hearing what you are hearing.


When he sings The Prayer, he not only covers the Andrea Bocelli part of the song, he also performs the Celine Dion part as well. It is amazing to see somebody with this wide of a range and who can do impersonations so perfectly well singing. In fact, he has become such a popular feature by singing the song that he now has millions of views on Facebook. Quite simply, he absolutely nails it!

Watching this man is strange enough but if you close your eyes and envision what is taking place, you could swear that there was both a man and a woman standing on stage. He is just one of the many talented individuals who comes through the small to sing karaoke, but he does so in a very unique way.

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