He Is Asked To Stop Singing And Then They Learn Something Tragic

When you watch the talent shows on TV, we see people standing before the judges and we tend to judge them ourselves based on what they do on stage. Like any individual, however, they have a story and it is one that we may not be privy to when we see them on the telly. That wasn’t the case with this young man.


He went out before the judges on Britain’s Got Talent, and began singing a John Denver song. Before he could finish, Simon stopped him and asked him if he would sing a song that he wrote himself. He had never performed it for anyone besides his mother, and it was song about his younger brother who had passed away at only two months of age.

When he started singing a new song, the passion in his voice was quite evident. You can tell that it was something that really meant a lot to him, and it showed through his music. Not only did it move the judges to tears, it is something that is sure to move you to tears as well.