A 14-Year-Old Boy Covers A Whitney Houston Song And Is Immediately Labeled As A Superstar

With all of the talent shows that we see on television, we have seen our fair share of talented individuals pass before us. Some of them are like shooting stars, and they may burn brightly when they are on the stage in front of the judges but they quickly burn out. Others stand the test of time.


At times, there is somebody that passes in front of the judges that is instantly endowed with a title of superstar. Jack Vidgen is one of those individuals. He steps on the stage of Australia’s Got Talent, and auditions in front of the judges. He had been waiting for a moment like this his entire life and he regularly sings to his father, who has multiple sclerosis. He has a wish to make his father proud with his singing and I would say he does a fairly good job of it here.

He sang a Whitney Houston song “I Have Nothing” and the judges were absolutely stunned at his beautiful voice. When you hear him singing in this video, I’m sure you will have a similar reaction.