5 Men Stand On The Stage And Prove Dads Still Have The Moves

From the time we are very young, we have the inborn ability to dance. For some people, dancing is just something to pass the time but for others, they have a natural talent and continue to develop it. At times, they may even take it to the next level and they become known for that talent.


When these 5 middle-aged men showed up on a major talent show, nobody was expecting them to do what they did. After they were able to display their talent, however, people quickly realised that they were amazing. Their name is “DADitude, and to put it simply, you have to see them to believe it is possible.

At some point in their life, all of these men were professional dancers. Although they may not have the youth that they did back then, they still have something that makes them special. Each of them has enthusiasm and plenty of energy and they use it to put on a show that brings everyone to their feet. They dance to “Uptown Funk” and they do it justice.